Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This Week on Due Process: Supreme Court Update 2012

ACLU National Legal Director Steven Shapiro
on set with Sandra King
It's U.S. Supreme Court "prime time." The Court's hearing its final cases ... the Obama Health Care Plan and the Arizona Immigration Law hang in the balance ... and the major decisions are yet to come down.
It's also time for the annual Due Process analysis of the High Court's year in law and justice - with the ACLU's National Legal Director, Steve Shapiro.
The eloquent Shapiro has a front row seat to the Supremes, and the unique ability to turn the Court's complex goings on into the clear and comprehensible - presenting both sides of the legal arguments, despite his own stance on the issue. The 90 lawyers on his staff are among the advocates in a wide range of the cases - from strip search in New Jersey to immigration law in Arizona. In fact, this year, the ACLU is a participant in 24% of the 79 cases that The Court agreed to hear. And Steve Shapiro knows them all.
Steve will be sharing his insider insights with Due Process co-host Sandra King.
You won't want to miss it!
Due Process is the winner of 19 New York and Mid-Atlantic Emmys for its outstanding coverage of law and justice. It is also a past recipient of the ACLU-NJ's Legal Leadership Award.

If you can't watch on May 6, you can go to the Due Process YouTube Channel, or the NJTV website (http://watch.njtvonline.org/program/due-process/) next week to watch Steve's Supreme Court show, as well as dozens of other Due Process programs on critical issues of civil liberties and social justice.
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