Friday, October 30, 2015

New on Thirteen and NJTV: The War on Drugs: Is it Over?

"War on Drugs: Is it Over?"

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President Obama on his visit to El Reno Federal Correctional Institution, where he met with inmates - a first for any U.S. president.
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This Week on Due Process  

Not long ago, it would have been unthinkable.  A U.S. President, a bi-partisan group of senators and law enforcement leaders from America's major cities all urging a shift from the ongoing "war on drugs" to a new, softened approach to drug crime.
On this week's edition of Due Process, apparent national recognition that the drug war's been lost - at enormous fiscal and human expense.
Could it mean an end to harsh mandatory minimum sentences?  A significant cut in the U.S. prison population - the largest in the world?
In our opening mini-doc, we see President Obama going where no president's gone before, and we meet a New Jersey man who was sentenced to 50 years in prison - on marijuana charges!
In the studio: Rutgers Law Prof. Elise Boddie, an expert on civil rights and constitutional law, and Bennett Barlyn, a former prosecutor and former director of New Jersey's Sentencing Reform Panel.
It's a Due Process you need to see!  Please join us.
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